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Case Study on Pharmaceutical Product Launch - NeoBenz Micro

Case Study on Pharmaceutical Product Launch: NeoBenz Micro

Client: SkinMedica


Name and create a visual identity for SkinMedica's new topical acne treatment cream. This product would come in a tube and be available in 3 strengths: 3.5%, 5.5%, and 8.5%. Each of the 3 strengths would have to be distinctive enough not only from other products on the market but from themselves as well.


The product's unique benefit was that it combined benzoyl peroxide—a proven, powerful antibacterial medication—with the MICROSPONGE delivery system. We incorporated the MICROSPONGE bubble shapes into the visual identity of the brand in order to differentiate it from other competitors.

The MICROSPONGE delivery system entraps benzoyl peroxide and reduces irritation to the skin by releasing medication gradually throughout the day.


A brand that is more user friendly in how it presents the MICROSPONGE delivery system; its unique selling strength. The product packaging is more youthful and contemporary. A look a teenager would have no apprehension to leave on their counter, therefore increasing compliance.

Due to the success of this product, SkinMedica extended the brand with 4 additional products after the initial product was launched.

Among materials created for this brand were:

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