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Pharmaceutical Product Launch: Lustra

Client: Medicis, The Dermatology Company


To first convince dermatologists to recommend a new, premium priced, moisturizing fade cream to their patients. Secondly, to convince the end consumer (doctor or patient) that this product was necessary and worth a premium price over generic Rx fade creams that did not contain moisturizing properties.


Both the concept of the product and the image of this product were as important as its efficacy.

Other competitive products on the market had an institutional and medicinal look to them and they were presented in the hyperpigmentation paradigm.

The intent was:

  1. To develop a product package that had a cosmetic, yet effective look and presence.
  2. To present Lustra as a part of the prescription anti-aging category, not just a fade cream, and good for a broad variety of skin types.


Lustra became the market leader in the Rx fade cream market within 6 months of the product launch.

Product sales ended up being driven more by patient (consumer) demand than physician recommendation. Marketing materials and media placement increased consumer awareness of the condition treated by Lustra, thus driving consumers to demand the product from their doctors.

Among materials created for this launch campaign were:

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